The Rituals customer journey became too complex, blocking store teams from giving memorable experiences. Rituals will launch a sustainable and future-proof customer journey (The Feel Good Experience), matching shop-floor reality, which inspires the shop teams to make their customers feel good. This way, they live up to the famous quote of their CEO, Raymond Cloosterman: “We are not here to sell you beauty; we are here to make you feel good.”
Create three major deliverables that will circulate with Rituals employees.
- An animated video that introduces the flow of the in-store customer journey in 1-2 minutes.
- Graphic Design of the new customer in-store journey flow
- An A2 Poster that explains the customer journey flow in more depth and shows what you can do and say to make customers feel good.

Audience: Rituals store management and store teams
Length: Approx 2mins. 
The project's deliverables should inform and inspire the store teams about what good looks like in their interactions with customers. They could either copy behaviour and text from the materials or feel encouraged to make them their own. 

- Poster: will be printed and hung in the back office of the stores 
- Customer journey flow: printed in the back office and presentations (mainly PPT)
- Video: part of the online learning module 
Producer, editor, motion designer and illustrator.
The graphic design flow and the poster were translated into nine different languages to circulate to stores globally, and the video was also planned to be translated. 

It was created in February 2023 for Rituals cosmetics. Video, animation and design by Emma Youell.
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