My name is Emma Youell
I Graduated from Ravensbourne in 2013 with a BA Hons in Motion Graphic Design and I love what I do! I am a motion graphic designer, videographer and editor with experience in all types of industries. The type of projects I work on does vary. Including, but not limited to, explainer videos, social media promotions, tracking and compositing for informational videos and motion graphics for events.
In my spare time, I love everything about history. I have been on TimeTeam, Great British History Hunters and Digging for Treasure: Tonight, and have been a metal detectorist and amateur archaeologist for 7+ years.
My work has been featured on BBC News, ITV news and Sky news.
Published in the Evening Standard, The Bank Remembers: 100 years on
Alchemist Magazine
Finalist in the Kent Creative Awards.
Please get in touch with me at or via the form below if you have any enquiries.

Thank you!
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