Building on KPMG’s commitment to women in sports ethos and helping drive change in Irish culture, we were proud to launch a 2-year partnership in February 2021 which saw Rachael come on board as a KPMG brand ambassador.
KPMG is a long-term supporter of women’s sports in Ireland and strives to create equality between men's and women’s sports in Ireland, having previously supported the 20x20 campaign. Sponsoring Rachael complements our existing partnership with golf professional Leona Maguire as they both look to build on their achievements to date. 
Original Briefing
To show support to Rachael Blackmore in the run-up to and during Cheltenham Races 2023, via a variety of digital and print assets. 
The idea
Proudly Backing Rachael Blackmore.
Taking a quote from Rachael and using images of her racing and in silks, create graphics that will suit print and digital mediums.
Printed mediums will be presented on windows and doors around the KPMG Ireland office and digital mediums for social media and ads in Dublin and Cork Airport. 
My role
Motion Graphic Designer 
The videos were advertised on 3 different-sized advertising screens around Cork and Dublin airport in the departure lounge, viewed by hundreds of travelling people for a two-week period. 
During the week running up to the Cheltenham races and the week of the races, KPMG changed their social media banners and published social media posts with the videos on. 
Created March 2023 for KPMG, Proudly Backing Rachael Blackmore. Motion Graphics by Emma Youell.
Graphics at Dublin airport:
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