The Technology competition is a competition for graduates that takes place every year. The theme of the 2018 competition was "Open Banking," and we asked entrants to explore Open Banking and think about how a central bank can benefit from it. Using 3D modelling, we were able to create an advertisement and animation to go on social media to attract entrants.
The challenge
The competition's theme wasn't revealed until the launch, so Creative Comms had to work with a few clues. We decided to anticipate the main theme (Open Banking), creating interest around that.
The idea
The idea represented the concept of Open Banking with the analogy of a toolbox filled with "tech tools", such as API, code, security, mobile, cloud computing, and even tea for a break and spare fingers in case there's too much coding to do! 
We've designed a 3D toolbox with the help of an award-winning 3D artist, plus video and social media assets.
My role
Animator and Video Editor.
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